J'adore This? "The Runaway" - My Novel Inspiration

A very personal poem that I wrote some years ago. To this day it still makes me feel same way it did when I first wrote it. It touches on love, domestic violence and grief. I wrote it so that other women could learn from my mistakes.The heart of this poem inspired my novel that I'm currently writing.

The Runaway

Sitting alone,wondering if there is anything to live for,

I stand up and walk out the door.

Wandering the streets with tears forming streams.

Maybe that`s his way of telling me he loves me when he yells and screams.

Cars screech and honk as I cross the street.

Dazed, slowing down as I remember how happy he made me,

How ecstatic I was to be carrying his baby,

How complete and intensely intimate my bond was with him.

Or when he brought me a fist full of gorgeous roses and asked me never to leave him.

Suddenly, I remember the day we disagreed.

I remember that same fist filled with scent of another woman,knocking me off my feet.

I remember the mind numbing guilt and excruciating pain I went through.

Not only physical but the pain from losing someone who means the world to you.

Nowhere to turn but to God for help,

Realizing that I had no real friends or family, only myself.

My life no longer filled with warm nights and intense passion,

Only the immense thrashing of an empty heart dying to feel some compassion.

Startled by traffic, I see the horrifying gate.

The gate that leads to a place everyone hates.

I walk through the haunted grass,

Looking carefully making sure I don't pass,

The place I come due to love and love`s lies,

The place where my beautiful baby lies...

© 2009 J'adore Brittanie


Anonymous said...

The words take me along the ride with you.Signs of a true writer.