The Perfect Storm

Shall we light a candle, let darkness surround us and lie together until the night is through? Raindrops gently touch the window, as we lay so close that we are almost one. Our hands lay gently, one kissing the other, our faces part slightly, one eclipsing the other, fully loving the other, poised to make sweet, soft love to one another.Our bodies dance to the rhythm of the rain against the window, never missing a beat. Our hearts dance to the rhythm of our souls intertwining over and over, our hearts skip a beat. Kisses sprinkled all over our bodies, the traces glisten in the moonlight. Hefty breathing and fierce sounds fill the tempestuous air as the illumination from the lightening uncovers a wonderful piece of art..paints the picture of moist bodies entangled in love...whispers of "I love you" after the motion ends and sweet caresses to sustain the words spoken...Shall we light a candle, let the darkness surround us, as we lie together until the night is through? Shall we???

Is a Rose Really The Same By the Same Name

Not the same though by the same name,
Not the rose I once plucked with my eyes
Not my angel in disguise,
Who came to mystify my mind,
And have me seeing rays of sunshine.
Sunshine Not the love that filled my heart so,
That I felt that I may burst if I didn't let go,
And when I let go, my heart would beat slow,
As if my heart just didn't want to beat nomore.
Not the voice I once heard in my dreams,
Telling me that love is more than just a dream.
Not the lover that once brought tears to my eyes..
Licking from my ears to my thighs,
In rhythmic rhymes that freed my euphoric mind,
Making me cum so many times that I could just lay there and (whew) die..
No longer the gentleman,
No longer the respectful man,
No longer my best friend,
No longer the person that I long for in my bed,
Reminisce on in my head
Or that I wonder where things could have led,
Not at all the same, though by the same name
Not the rose I once plucked with my eyes
Not My angel in disguise
Only a memory and a heart filled with lies.

Words of Speechlessness

I've been trying to find the words to tell you how much I love you, but I just can't find them. "I love you" does not nearly portray this feeling ravaging me and provoking things that I buried a long time ago. I have tried countless words to describe or maybe justify our love: intoxicating, all-consuming, ever-lasting, unconditional, explosive, and even euphoric. These words are cliche and simple at best but do not even closely relate to this fire that I just can't put out. This magnanimous, beatific, gratuitous, and inebriatingly spontaneous adulation is just too complex for words. There are not enough words in all the world's languages...I think the only way to tell you is to say nothing at all.....(silence)

J'adore This??: Sunday Morning Love

After finding true love, wondering where it was all along and where it came from.

"Who are You Love?

Baby, who are you?
Your mind and heart seem so rich with stories untold,
Streams of new mysteries unfold.
Are your feelings and emotions the ruler of your actions?
Or does your mind give you satisfaction?

Where did you come from?
Your soul seems familiar, like we were once lovers in a past life...
Maybe when Adam and Eve roamed the earth, we were two lovely birds taking in the scene,
Maybe we met in Africa, when making love outside wasn't obscene,
When the pyramids were being built, our hearts were carrying the stones,
Even the stunning Cleopatra couldn't bring my eyes to roam.
During slavery, I was a slave to your heart, and you the love master,
Who stayed by this poor pained girl, even after I bore Masta' bastards.

An angel once perched on a cloud above?
My lover that makes love to my mind in such a way that my heart has an orgasm,
Bringing the every inch my mind and body into melting hot spasms.

Are you my mind that I lost from all the pain that I endured?
Reuniting and reconstructing my soul from existing obscure.

Who am I to deserve a love so intense?
Finally finding love after all the suspense.

Am I truly that woman that you make me feel I am?
Capable of doing, achieving and living anything that I want.
Am I really your wife, which you dedicate the eternity of your forever?
Who are we...together?

© 2009 J'adore Brittanie
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What Peeves Me You Ask???

 "Something I posted on FB and Myspace a month or so ago. I read it and figured I should repost it."

I have a few pet peeves
that I honestly cant stand and that I feel I should address.
I'm not trying
to be mean and I'm not necessarily mad at anyone that has unknowingly done or
been guilty of any of these things. But from this point on, there is no excuse.

1. I HATE BEING PHONE STALKED. If I don't pick up the first or maybe
even second time, then I am busy and I will call you back or I just don't wanna
to call YOU back, Don't call ME back. (FYI: Phone stalking can result in me never
answering the phone again and marking your name as DO NOT ANSWER in my phone).

I was raised to never tell my age and I take it very seriously. 

It is disrespectful to ask a woman her age and pointless.
NO ONE but my family and my spouse know my real age..(even people
who think you know because I never put my real birth year on anything..ha)

3. I hate being left hanging. If you know that you are not able to meet
or whatever, it is common courtesy to call the person and tell them. If I say I'm
coming somewhere, I come or I call, I would like the same respect.

4. Reading is fucking fundamental! I'm sick of people not reading my Facebook 

or Myspace page and then sending me messages asking me dumb stuff or trying 
to get at me because you didn't read and see that I'M NOT SINGLE. Also its 
annoying when people read part of it and then tell me that we have a lot in common
and in fact we have nothing in common.

5. People that owe me money or something of value and then
pretend or act like they don't. I tend to be a very generous person when it
comes to my friends and I personally hate owing people so I pay them. I don't
speak (or not speak) when I see you and then act like I forgot about owing you.
I can't stand that. Also don't assume that if I haven't said anything, that I
have forgotten. Trust me I haven't.

6. I can't stand redundacy or repetitiveness...It drives me crazy..I can't stand some 

one saying the same thing over and over and I can't stand having to repeat myself.
Most of the time if you have to repeat yourself then the person wasn't listening. 
I despise hearing or watching anything over and over. I even hate the
repetition of ATL crunk, snappin and pointless songs on the radio and damn near
everywhere. If people keep coming out with the same shit, I'm going to lose my
mind. (I'll address this more in another post).

7. It is very rude and annoying to be interrupted in the middle of
speaking. If someone is in the middle of telling you a deep, heart wrenching.
important story from their past and you interrupt it talking about the time you
got the wrong food at Taco Bell then you deserve to be slapped. Its a
conversation not tit for tat or a verbal competition.
To be a good talker, you must be a great listener.

8. I ALSO HATE BEING NET explanation needed.

9. LYING with every breath yet expecting me to believe you about something

"serious" or anything at all for that matter. I have a former friend that lied so 
much they even told me that they were gonna die on Friday and then when 
that day came they called and asked if my spouse and I wanted to go to the 
movies. LOL. I probably wont even associate with you anymore let alone 
believe you.

Most of this stuff, I thought was common sense but if it was then

I wouldn't have written

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J'adore This?: "Temptation"


When I look into your eyes, I must confess,
Feelings flood my body that are hard to suppress.
Every time you wrap your arms around me,
I want to kiss you passionately.

When you take my hand and pull me near,
Everyone else in this world disappears.
My mind suddenly fills with erotic scenes,
In which I fulfill your every dream.

At that moment my temperature rises,
And my body strains painfully to disguise it.
But lust builds up and I can no longer hide it.
And I whisper into your ear that my body is yearning
       for you to be inside it.

And you confess the need for my caress,
Your body, with my eyes, I undress,
Until I see every curve of your perfect form.
Giving in to my heart, I take your hand and lead you 
       into the storm.

Where we kiss and caress as if no one is around,
And my hands roam your physique until your secret is found...
      © 2009 J'adore Brittanie

J'adore This: "Another Chance"

Something I did for a spoken word showcase. I wrote it in about 20 minutes.

The essence of an angel is projected in your style,

Every sunset of the earth can be seen in your smile.

God`s child, sent on earth to make my life worthwhile,

Like the sun, my day doesn't begin until your intoxicating eyes have risen,

To hang upon me their gaze that entraps me as if I`m in prison.

In your presence, I am the quintessence of the petrarchan lover.

Having the urge to kiss but just cant bring my lips to cover,

Those sweet soft lips that always seem to call my name,

Or scold me of my mistakes and make me feel shame.

Let me bring some consummation to your apprehensions of my intentions.

Even though I have done things so bad to you that I dare not mention.

I want your heart to be assured and content,

With the fact that you know how I feel to every extent.

Yes, I am in love with doubt.

Even though you have tendencies to scream and act out.

Every moment without you, your face is all I think about,

Your gift I cant even rest without.

But this world today will try to keep us apart,

As in any relationship,there wil be things that will puncture our hearts.

But no one can take my heart from where it was meant to be,

With you is where I am happy and where I will be.

So people will have to accept me and love me despite it,

Because I've already decided.

That I want you and I am going to treat you right.

It isn`t even about sex..I could do that any night.

I just want you to experience my connoisseurship of love and romance,

And return the favor for you giving me yet another chance....

© 2009 J'adore Brittanie