What Peeves Me You Ask???

 "Something I posted on FB and Myspace a month or so ago. I read it and figured I should repost it."

I have a few pet peeves
that I honestly cant stand and that I feel I should address.
I'm not trying
to be mean and I'm not necessarily mad at anyone that has unknowingly done or
been guilty of any of these things. But from this point on, there is no excuse.

1. I HATE BEING PHONE STALKED. If I don't pick up the first or maybe
even second time, then I am busy and I will call you back or I just don't wanna
to call YOU back, Don't call ME back. (FYI: Phone stalking can result in me never
answering the phone again and marking your name as DO NOT ANSWER in my phone).

I was raised to never tell my age and I take it very seriously. 

It is disrespectful to ask a woman her age and pointless.
NO ONE but my family and my spouse know my real age..(even people
who think you know because I never put my real birth year on anything..ha)

3. I hate being left hanging. If you know that you are not able to meet
or whatever, it is common courtesy to call the person and tell them. If I say I'm
coming somewhere, I come or I call, I would like the same respect.

4. Reading is fucking fundamental! I'm sick of people not reading my Facebook 

or Myspace page and then sending me messages asking me dumb stuff or trying 
to get at me because you didn't read and see that I'M NOT SINGLE. Also its 
annoying when people read part of it and then tell me that we have a lot in common
and in fact we have nothing in common.

5. People that owe me money or something of value and then
pretend or act like they don't. I tend to be a very generous person when it
comes to my friends and I personally hate owing people so I pay them. I don't
speak (or not speak) when I see you and then act like I forgot about owing you.
I can't stand that. Also don't assume that if I haven't said anything, that I
have forgotten. Trust me I haven't.

6. I can't stand redundacy or repetitiveness...It drives me crazy..I can't stand some 

one saying the same thing over and over and I can't stand having to repeat myself.
Most of the time if you have to repeat yourself then the person wasn't listening. 
I despise hearing or watching anything over and over. I even hate the
repetition of ATL crunk, snappin and pointless songs on the radio and damn near
everywhere. If people keep coming out with the same shit, I'm going to lose my
mind. (I'll address this more in another post).

7. It is very rude and annoying to be interrupted in the middle of
speaking. If someone is in the middle of telling you a deep, heart wrenching.
important story from their past and you interrupt it talking about the time you
got the wrong food at Taco Bell then you deserve to be slapped. Its a
conversation not tit for tat or a verbal competition.
To be a good talker, you must be a great listener.

8. I ALSO HATE BEING NET explanation needed.

9. LYING with every breath yet expecting me to believe you about something

"serious" or anything at all for that matter. I have a former friend that lied so 
much they even told me that they were gonna die on Friday and then when 
that day came they called and asked if my spouse and I wanted to go to the 
movies. LOL. I probably wont even associate with you anymore let alone 
believe you.

Most of this stuff, I thought was common sense but if it was then

I wouldn't have written

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tigger said...

i feel you on this one girl

Anonymous said...

I'm with u on this #9 I hate people lying.

Annarkie said...

Amen. Especially the's like biting on tinfoil.

2faReal said...

I totatlly J'adore this especially #9...Its bad enough you lying but to lie about simple have 2 go because its just a matter of time unitl it gets worst..