J'adore This??: Sunday Morning Love

After finding true love, wondering where it was all along and where it came from.

"Who are You Love?

Baby, who are you?
Your mind and heart seem so rich with stories untold,
Streams of new mysteries unfold.
Are your feelings and emotions the ruler of your actions?
Or does your mind give you satisfaction?

Where did you come from?
Your soul seems familiar, like we were once lovers in a past life...
Maybe when Adam and Eve roamed the earth, we were two lovely birds taking in the scene,
Maybe we met in Africa, when making love outside wasn't obscene,
When the pyramids were being built, our hearts were carrying the stones,
Even the stunning Cleopatra couldn't bring my eyes to roam.
During slavery, I was a slave to your heart, and you the love master,
Who stayed by this poor pained girl, even after I bore Masta' bastards.

An angel once perched on a cloud above?
My lover that makes love to my mind in such a way that my heart has an orgasm,
Bringing the every inch my mind and body into melting hot spasms.

Are you my mind that I lost from all the pain that I endured?
Reuniting and reconstructing my soul from existing obscure.

Who am I to deserve a love so intense?
Finally finding love after all the suspense.

Am I truly that woman that you make me feel I am?
Capable of doing, achieving and living anything that I want.
Am I really your wife, which you dedicate the eternity of your forever?
Who are we...together?

© 2009 J'adore Brittanie
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Speaks Beliefs said...

I love the flow in this one. I enjoyed the ?uestions. Your muse is blessed to inspire such words.

Anonymous said...

omg britt there are no words. i love this. im just speechless

AJ said...

How can i not love this? I love the way you make love with pen and paper.
I love u

CherryVomit said...

I like your poem. I write poetry too.
Check out my blog if you want.

Comments and a follow would be greatly appreciated. =]

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I adore the imagery and historical references. I wish I didn't suck at poetry. Now I shall read more of your blog.

ndmann said...

This poem looks intimedating, but it's really not. Just sit down and actually sound out the words and it makes sense. I like it. Not many poets are willing to do something like this, to stretch so much from the norm. But you was willing to make that leap. You are a true poet, and it's works like this that prove it.

Marley Puertorican said...

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