Is a Rose Really The Same By the Same Name

Not the same though by the same name,
Not the rose I once plucked with my eyes
Not my angel in disguise,
Who came to mystify my mind,
And have me seeing rays of sunshine.
Sunshine Not the love that filled my heart so,
That I felt that I may burst if I didn't let go,
And when I let go, my heart would beat slow,
As if my heart just didn't want to beat nomore.
Not the voice I once heard in my dreams,
Telling me that love is more than just a dream.
Not the lover that once brought tears to my eyes..
Licking from my ears to my thighs,
In rhythmic rhymes that freed my euphoric mind,
Making me cum so many times that I could just lay there and (whew) die..
No longer the gentleman,
No longer the respectful man,
No longer my best friend,
No longer the person that I long for in my bed,
Reminisce on in my head
Or that I wonder where things could have led,
Not at all the same, though by the same name
Not the rose I once plucked with my eyes
Not My angel in disguise
Only a memory and a heart filled with lies.