J'adore This: "Another Chance"

Something I did for a spoken word showcase. I wrote it in about 20 minutes.

The essence of an angel is projected in your style,

Every sunset of the earth can be seen in your smile.

God`s child, sent on earth to make my life worthwhile,

Like the sun, my day doesn't begin until your intoxicating eyes have risen,

To hang upon me their gaze that entraps me as if I`m in prison.

In your presence, I am the quintessence of the petrarchan lover.

Having the urge to kiss but just cant bring my lips to cover,

Those sweet soft lips that always seem to call my name,

Or scold me of my mistakes and make me feel shame.

Let me bring some consummation to your apprehensions of my intentions.

Even though I have done things so bad to you that I dare not mention.

I want your heart to be assured and content,

With the fact that you know how I feel to every extent.

Yes, I am in love with doubt.

Even though you have tendencies to scream and act out.

Every moment without you, your face is all I think about,

Your gift I cant even rest without.

But this world today will try to keep us apart,

As in any relationship,there wil be things that will puncture our hearts.

But no one can take my heart from where it was meant to be,

With you is where I am happy and where I will be.

So people will have to accept me and love me despite it,

Because I've already decided.

That I want you and I am going to treat you right.

It isn`t even about sex..I could do that any night.

I just want you to experience my connoisseurship of love and romance,

And return the favor for you giving me yet another chance....

© 2009 J'adore Brittanie


Dominique Watson said...

Alright girl! I love it!!! See ya on twitter! :)

Aj said...